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Meeting of Styles UK is a free, family friendly, block party for the graffiti and hip hop community – a celebration of spraycan art and hip hop culture which has been hosted in the UK by EndoftheLine 7 times since 2008.

The original “International Meeting of Styles” is an global network of aerosol artists and aficionados that began in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 2002. Brought together and inspired by a passion for graffiti, MOS aims to create a forum for the international art community to communicate, assemble, and exchange ideas, work and skills.

In the spirit of cooperation and promotion, MOS has developed a worldwide calendar of events that has featured in over 21 different countries, with local organisations producing their own independent but affiliated exciting annual productions.

The UK event is managed by London based crew EndoftheLine. If you’d like to get involved, come down or have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch!