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Stories From Meeting of Styles: Airborne Mark

We went soul searching, talking firsthand to the spray can artists and supportive folk that made the party that was: Meeting of Styles UK 2015. A mash up of graffiti techniques and human energies, the event reverberated with one love across the creative movement and into the locality – leaving a lasting mark, not just on the walls of the Nomadic Community Gardens. First up, we spoke to Airborne Mark…

Photo Appreciation continued…

Miss Sonia Sharma has done quite a bit of work for us over the past year. You may remember her from such events as the Rockwell House New Years Eve event, and Lord Finesse on the rooftop.

Download Your FREE Meeting of Styles UK Artwork!

To do a nice little round off, and give back a little to all of our fans, we’re releasing a set of Meeting of Styles UK images for you to download and use for your own instagrams, desktop images, print or whatever else you’d like to do with them. It’s up to you. They’re all yours!

Meeting of Styles Final Walls Edition

The paint spray has settled and the murals have been outlined, dusted off & completed following the Meeting of Styles festival that happened over the weekend of the 11th & 12th of July. The streets of London stood in awe and watched live painting by over 60 graffiti & street artists from across the UK and beyond…

Final Walls - Meeting of Styles 2015 - Tamara Elhaj