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Meeting of Styles is this weekend, here’s 3 ways to support & make yourself feel great!


Feeling like you might want to support our event this year? Well there are three key ways that you can.

The first, and easiest if you are UK or London based, is to head down to the event this weekend where you can witness the spectacle of 50 artists painting live. We’ve got a bit of a different format this year and some special surprises in store. All of which will be visible on the weekend, following the event and of course online!

Make sure you bring the kids because we have few different workshops taking place from 1pm each day. You can sign up here  on Meetup for future workshops too. Location is the Nomadic Community Gardens, google it, map it, it’s an easy walk from London Liverpool street station, Shoreditch High street station and Bethnal Green overground.

The second way that you can support us and make yourself very happy is by picking up one of our event tees. That’s plural, yes we have not one but two awesome tees (techinically 3 becuase of the black and white colourway) available. There’s the 2016 tee-shirt designed by the amazing Russian, Siberian crew Brainmash, Vadik, Fans and Govanny available on a black tee or hoodie.

The freshest and newest artwork we have the pleasure of presenting is the Odisy / Oddhouse artwork for our 2017 event. This is the variant black and white sketch version. Get ’em while their hot from our BigCartel shop here:

Click the images below to go to the product page.

meetingofstiles-mock__webblackmeetingofstiles-mock_white_web Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 18.53.38Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 19.19.29

The third option for supporting this year’s event is to hop on over to our Generosity funding page and drop us a few pennies (or cents as it’s a US site) there. It’s a new way to fund not for profit events from Indiegogo, and best of all there’s low fees and the event benefits from anything that is donated. With an event like this run on volunteer love and our EndoftheLine famalam every little helps, and we can make sure everyone that works or helps gets looked after.


Here’s a few awesome pictures from our resident photographer T.Elhaj from our fundraising event at the end of May, 2017. We raised over £1,500 to put towards running our event this weekend plus we have sponsorship from 360 spray paint, Mr Planthire, Eastpak and of course the Nomadic Community Gardens, providing us the amazing space to host our 4th event there. It could be the last year so make sure you get down and support both the event and the garden itself.

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