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MOSUK Festival : London, July, 2017

As a not for profit community event Meeting of Styles London has encountered some challenging obstacles over the years and this year was no different. After a funding setback the decision was taken by the team at EndoftheLine to host a fundraiser on the original dates, the 27th and 28th of May and shift the main event back by one month.

Endoftheline with the support of the Nomadic Community Gardens were able to raise the minimum funds required to host the 8th London Meeting of Styles which was to take place at the Garden site for the 4th time.  Over 60 artists, from London, across the UK, and Europe, through-out the weekend to paint every available surface, walls, vans, boards, shacks, and archways.

What an awesome spectacle it was, a huge amount of wall space was painted live alongside screen printing from Kranberry Studio, spray paint and colouring-in workshops for people of all ages plus delicious food on offer from Save the Date and Roving Cafe and refreshments from the on site dispensary.

Musical delights included The Petebox, our extended beatbox family and more curated by Maj Duckworth aka James Trice, who also played out an amazing closing set during the fundraiser with downpours not dampening the crowds enthusiasm.

In addition there was a larger wall space to plan for, now including the long grey Overground wall (thanks to TFL & NCG) so the MOS team had their work cut out for them. It’s been a busy few months preparing for both events but suffice to say the results has been worth it. Following the two day event the final pieces were connected and finishing touches were applied. It was refreshing and inspiring to see a new coat of paint across the entirety of the walls that surround the garden. There’s already been a hugely positive response from all the visitors and the local community. And the project will continue to evolve as it has done since it first graced the vacant site in 2014.

EndoftheLine founders are in the process of curating a new project at the garden to continue the positive effects of this vibrant artwork within the community and beyond. There are always more walls that can be refreshed and given a new lease of life. We operate on the ‘broken windows’ theory, if something looks un-cared for it encourages antisocial behaviour. What we have found is that diverse artwork, and the presence of artists and visitors to new mural sites, transforms these previously anti-social hot spots into colourful and safer spaces.

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who’s helped us with the event this year, and a big thanks to 360 Spray Paint, Meeting of Styles in Germany, Mr Planthire, Londonewcastle, Paracarnival, Transport for London, Network Rail, BTP and of course the Nomadic Community gardens for their continued and unwavering support.

The gallery released here features images of all the walls painted, photos are image copyrighted and shot by © TC Shoot Me.

You can see more on our facebook through the links below, and we’ll be posting photography submissions from the awesome photographers shooting that weekend.

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Big love from the MOSUK and EndoftheLine team


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