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Stories From Meeting of Styles: Awone and Tyme

We went soul searching, talking firsthand to the spray can artists and supportive folk that made the party that was: Meeting of Styles UK 2015. A mash up of graffiti techniques and human energies, the event reverberated with one love across the creative movement and into the locality – leaving a lasting mark, not just on the walls of the Nomadic Community Gardens. Swedish duo, Conny aka Awone and Isaak aka Tyme are up next…


“We’re from Norrköping, where they’ve got a huge legal area,” says Tyme (pictured left), referring to a 600 metre long wall near the Swedish city’s port. Historically an industrial municipality, the last couple decades have seen Norrköping’s revival as an educational and artistic centre, with youth culture at the heart of the scene whether it be writing, b-boying, DJing or MCing. “I literally just went down there, saw what was happening and got into it – that’s where I met Conny.”

“And then we fell in love,” jokes Conny, better known on the streets as Awone and renowned among peers for his wildstyle. “We’ve got a semi-wide font with a lot of sharp corners, diagonals and straight lines.” Describing the design of his partnership with Tyme, Awone digs the sense of aggression they create with the aerosol; “I like my letters kind of evil!” Despite that, he’s pretty damn nice.


Having gone from writing on trams to opening up a dialogue with local government and setting up the model for legal burners (see his organisation, Yallah), he’d love to witness the same evolution of mind in Stockholm; “In our capital, we have a zero tolerance against graffiti so it’s hard to have these kinds of events down there,” he says, referring to Meeting of Styles 2015, where he and Tyme feature on top left and right of the main wall.

“It’s getting better, we are on our way but we’re not there yet, so a lot of this we take home with us, along with friendships. Just from this wall I’ve crossed two people off my bucket list who I wanted to paint with: Kak and Ekto, their style is so insane,” he muses, prompting Tyme; “Of course, the best bit is meeting everybody else – and putting faces to the letters.”

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