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2009, the second year we took over huge hoardings stretching from Brick Lane to Bethnal Green Road, taking over the streets of Shoreditch. Handpicked for their different skills and techniques, over 100 artists from across the UK and Europe arrived armed with spray cans ready to paint. The Red bull music machine rolled in on day one with a boombastic sound system and laid back sounds.

Day two turned into a mini festival as EndoftheLine brought in Nizim to run the sound stage with live performances from the likes of Lazy Habits, Reeps 1 and Rodney P & Skitz. With crowds pulled in by the thumping bass line, hoards of people were dumbfounded by the awesome sight and left with an overwhelming vision of colour in the street as the area was transformed into an open-air gallery.

Some of the artists featured:

Inkie, Soker, Cheo, Wany, Probs, Fat Heat, Insa, Don, Elate, Jiver (Simply Rockers), 

Rem. Biserama, Noir ATS, Zadok, Busk, Oly Switch / Bleach, Tizer 

Pref, Sticker, Wisher, Shucks, Sares, Shucks, Skire, Prime, Jasik, Dine, Manik, Esa, 10Foot, Rigs, Saiv
Fume, 2Cold, WMB, Taze, Zomby, Daz, Blaze, Diet, Cosa, Korsa, Spat, Eser, NHS, Image, Obae, Fres

Dielooted, Nash, Does, Amuk, Sick, Xenz, Sune, Mac1, Tase, Image, Vert, Askym, The Krah, 

Aryz, Twesh, Wany, Nychos, Nash, Bonzai, Bird, Rabodiga, Bird, Vibes, Towns, Jim Vision

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