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It takes a lot of dedication and love to organise the MOS, but we are also dependent on public funds and sponsors, both of which can be challenging to gain.


As a not-for-profit project we aim to cover all costs with the help of sponsors and public funds. We are also keen to partner with like-minded brands who might be interested in supporting us.

We offer different types of sponsorship according to specific needs and interests.


The UK festival has evolved over the years to function under a sustainable setup self funded through affordable workshops, unique artist merchandise sales, and when appropriate a licensed bar that helps us cover all costs. Whilst working with the Nomadic Community Gardens we had a donation system on the door which enabled us to pay for key outgoings.  

We have key sponsors who we've worked with for many years, our main sponsor is Mr Planthire who has provides all our height equipment since 2014, without which the project would not be possible.

International Partners
The Mind Behind

Since the foundation of Int. Meeting Of Styles back in 1997 more than 400 events have been realised worldwide attracting hundreds of thousands spectators and sponsoring thousands of artists throughout the world. MOS brings people together, creates publicity, supports the netting and enables intercultural cross-border-cooperation. It is a pure example of how a better world of tomorrow may be possible.

Due to its authentic style and message the Meeting is celebrated as the best Graffiti-Event. Its worldwide reputation and enormous feedback has enabled it to spread its message all over the world with “Int. Meeting Of Styles”.

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