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In 2010 Meeting of Styles UK went to Holloway Road for the start of a 2 year residency on huge spaces across an oval site surrounded by residents and the local community.


The festival brought life and colour to otherwise grey, uninspiring hoarding.


Artists featured included the DMV crew, Bom.k, Jaw, Brusk, Blo, Dran, Kan and Sowat, Ghetto Farceur, Bonzai, Tizer, Solo, Cept, Snoe, Snug, Smug, Probs, Mad C, Astek, Jiver, Lilliwen, Replete, Inkfet and Zadok, Da Mental Vaporz, Ghetto Farceur, 3 Steps, Shok1, She1, Snug, Zeus, Astek, Lovepusher, Probs, Dulk, Sebasura, Roket, Ozone, Revert, Pref, Cept, Elph, Sorn, Chrome, Daze, Bonzai, Smug, Estum, Mac1, Replete, Sune, Izer, Are, Yesb, Dead, Vomit, Ponk, Cheo, Sepr, Soker, Epok, 3Dom, Plug, Jive, Inkfetish, Jasik, Zadok, Noir, Demo, Ders, Brave, Ante, Vodker, Item, Das, Trans, Korpz, Blam, Dep, Phorm, Ebee, Eska, Ekto, Essex Rockers and Skan.

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