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Meeting of Styles 2011 was postponed initially because the original early August date due to riots that took place that year and local Police advising against the event taking place despite our assurances that as a positive community focused project it would go without a hitch.

The powers that be pushed us back to October but luckily for us the weather stayed dry for the 70 artists who came to paint some excellent pieces; from international stars like Kem5 from Boston, the Ghetto Farceur crew from France, to homegrown legends like Shok1, Lovepusher, SheOne, and Astek.


At the afterparty venue, painted by Cept and Snoe, we had Phi Life Cypher, Buggsy, Reeps1, Joe Driscoll, Wrongtom, and Crossbone T performing live and throwing down some dope sets. Hosted by our resident DJs Mylon, Trol23, Chu-i, and Rolls Royce. Despite the delays and difficulties the festival was an evolution on previous years with community, creativity and connection at the forefront.

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